Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arcturus RA Celestial Soul Portrait

With this final take on the Ultra Premium Celestial
Soul Portrait for Arcturus RA I feel as though I've entered new territory.

Part of it was that I choose to go beyond a self
limiting mind set about masculine and feminine energy and how it is depicted. I wanted to show here something beyond these archetypes and by allowing the freedom to experiment I found what I was looking for. Something unexpeted and yet familiar.
A playful yet commanding presence. A being who's energy field is tuned to a higher octave and by his/her presence alone one can sense his home world.

This idea leads to one of my favorite which is the tantalizing notion that what you now see is just a starting off point for adventures, and beings, and worlds, of a super-fantastic nature, just waiting to be contacted and resonated with. Oboy!

It makes me glad to be an artist and is worth the many years of challenging circumstance that I experienced on the way to it's unveiling.

Finally, to come back around the subject of soul portraits, I love when a person's over-personality begins to emerge within the image. For we are all connected to various life-streams, some off-planet or inter-dimensional. My joy is to free this higher level self into this realm, to facilitate healing, enlightened awakeness/awareness, and a greater sense of participation with the Universe.

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