Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dress your soul in Sparkles and Tutu's

I was delighted to come across this portrait I did a while back on the blog of the immensily talented Blog Queen of Canada; Catherine Connors of "Her bad mother" fame.
Check it out, it's worth a good laugh or two!

Ultra Premium Celestial Soul Portraits- Birth of your Soul Star

A Vision of your Ascended Self. With the Ultra Premium Portraits we go further into your soul's purpose and destiny.
This includes the custom design of your personal soul's code and a commentary by the artist.
In the case of Arcturus RA we have all but left his earthly role behind and created (channeled?) his Celestial Avatar. Here he is Starship Commander, Etheric Messenger, and Galactic Ambassador for the next level of cosmic information codes and higher intelligence. One might say a secret agent for the seeding of Awakened Consciousness on this planet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soul Flowering

To see yourself as more than just the human being who lives for the 70 to a hundred years in a body is to begin to see your relationship to all things.
We are star stuff, a part of everything that has ever existed, yet even more than this we are a part of the eternal inner life of the cosmos. A spark of the Divine lives within us. The Soul Portraits can give us a glimpse of the infinite light of our soul's journey.

As we mature in our understanding of our eternal nature, our beauty begins to flower from the inside out. No longer wholly concerned with the outside play of forms we become more Holy concerned and spiritually oriented. We realize more and more that our true beauty comes from within. and that our life's expression is a reflection of our soul's purpose and destiny.