Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

In this latest soul portrait of Marcus, I once again learned some new tricks in creating it, by listening closely to the information given by my client. To depict energy in the groin area can be tricky and of bad taste, but luckily I feel as though I did it justice and allowed myself the luxury of going into areas I usually avoid.

It's not that I've become a prude, but early on in my spiritual evolution I had decided to use my creative talents to show more of the higher level energies. It was good training to 'force' me to pay attention to these energetics so that when I came back to the more sensual or sexual elements of a given subject I intuitively knew how to stay within a certain boundary to preserve the over-all divine qualities I liked to illustrate.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arcturus RA Celestial Soul Portrait

With this final take on the Ultra Premium Celestial
Soul Portrait for Arcturus RA I feel as though I've entered new territory.

Part of it was that I choose to go beyond a self
limiting mind set about masculine and feminine energy and how it is depicted. I wanted to show here something beyond these archetypes and by allowing the freedom to experiment I found what I was looking for. Something unexpeted and yet familiar.
A playful yet commanding presence. A being who's energy field is tuned to a higher octave and by his/her presence alone one can sense his home world.

This idea leads to one of my favorite which is the tantalizing notion that what you now see is just a starting off point for adventures, and beings, and worlds, of a super-fantastic nature, just waiting to be contacted and resonated with. Oboy!

It makes me glad to be an artist and is worth the many years of challenging circumstance that I experienced on the way to it's unveiling.

Finally, to come back around the subject of soul portraits, I love when a person's over-personality begins to emerge within the image. For we are all connected to various life-streams, some off-planet or inter-dimensional. My joy is to free this higher level self into this realm, to facilitate healing, enlightened awakeness/awareness, and a greater sense of participation with the Universe.