Monday, December 27, 2010


Make your Dream Reality

Q - What is a Celestial Soul Portrait?

A – I call it a Vision of your Higher Self. It is an image I create for someone on my computer that is a synthesis of their earthly personality and a possible celestial or spiritual personality.

Q – What is a celestial personality?

A – An aspect of your higher self or ascended nature. A part of you that may exist beyond our local space-time domain. It also may be a past or future life or even a parallel reality that one exists within.

Q – What if a person doesn’t believe in spiritual reality or is an atheist? Can they also get a celestial soul portrait?

A – They can look at the portrait as pure fantasy or wish fulfillment. Perhaps they secretly wish they were a super –hero or have some resonance with a mythological or historic figure. The sky is the limit and beyond as to the subject of a soul portrait.

Q – A lot of your images appear to have an trans-world or other-dimensional aspect to them. Why is this?

A – I’ve spent a good deal of my time investigating as an artist/explorer and writer these types of phenomena. If you view the other work on my website you’ll notice an emphasis on the Celestial Realms as well as other possible Galactic Civilizations.

Q – I see. It also appears that you tend to focus more on the positive and beautiful aspects of art and life as opposed to the less savory levels.

A – Yes, I find that it keeps me uplifted and sailing through things that may otherwise get me down. I do have more edgy work, but I seem to have a mission to bring out more of the Divine Beauty that touches me so deeply in my own Visions and Dreams. With this said I also hope to heal and inspire people in order that they might heal and inspire others.

Q – I was wondering if there is a possibility that by showing a person a more beautified version of themselves, that you may be falling into the same trap as the Madison Avenue Advertising Industry? You know, The Hollywood ideal of living forever in a young person’s body.

A- Well, here’s how I see it. There is without a doubt an age old human dilemma involving aging and dying. Not all humans have this dilemma, but it appears the high tech global world of mass media surly does. The whole idea of the Fountain of Youth is another question we can deal with later, but for now I will say this. In deep dream-visions I’ve seen friends and family in a highly romantic light. That is they appeared to me as I “imagine” them to be, or as I “see” them in my mind. Another way of putting it is that in Heaven everyone is beautiful. In this dream state it felt like I was in a higher-vibrational phase-space where the true beauty of everyone was seen on the outside, not just on the inside.

It could be that this ideal we have of stopping time at a given magical moment in our physical lives, to be this way forever, is linked to other parallel realms where this is actually happening.

Now there is the question of those of us who may not be the physical ideal at our very best, or have a handicap of some kind. The true spiritual or soul beauty of someone is not always seen on the outside. Yet within they may contain a radiance of pure beauty that if seen outwardly could blind one with it’s shear brilliance! My whole idea concerning the portraits is to show this inner fire of life’s passion that is alive and yearning for expression. Perhaps it is our Soul’s Purpose magnified in a way that cannot be denied! And to see it on a regular basis could have some very positive affects on our spirit. J

Q- Thanks so much! It was great talking to yourself for this interview!

A- Your most welcome!

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