Monday, December 27, 2010


Do you have an etheric double that exists within the timeless realms of the Divine Imagination?

In creating the portraits I blend the "real" with the "imaginary" or "spiritual". It is a synthesis of the person's earthly and celestial personalities. The soul has reasons for being here we know not of, and yet there are some things we can do to further the unfolding of our Soul's Destiny. These portraits can help you expand the idea of who you are and possibly reveal new frontiers in your journey.


- The process -

First we start with a communication either by phone or e-mail. I'll ask you for some pertinent information about yourself, such as passions in life, or dreams of the future. Perhaps even a sub-personality you'd like to see revealed. This way I can get an "impression" of your energy and some possibilities for the portrait. Things like favorite colors, shapes, and other preferences can be a part of this inquiry. I ask for a recent photo and/or one that you feel captures your the essence most. I then use the picture as a base to and begin adding the symbolic aspects of your "higher" being or "imaginative" self to create your Celestial Soul Portrait.



- A Vision of your Higher Self –

Beyond our local ‘everyday world’ are the Eternal Worlds of Spirit.

Some call it the Divine Imagination. It is a place where Universal Archetypes, the Collective Unconscious, and a host of other intangible phenomena exist, including Myths and Fairy-tales.

Each of us is connected to these Inner Worlds. It is there that we are ‘bigger than life’ and a part of a much larger dimension of being. Some people find evidence of this in their dreams.

You might say that I use my ‘celestial eyes’ to see with you into this larger world, and bring back images and ideas to help create a portrait that is both healing and inspiring. How is it healing you may ask? Most of us at one time or another has felt isolated from society and our planet. As though we were somehow separate from the historical narrative that we’re all a part of. History is our collective story and is supposed to reflect our journey through time and circumstance. I’ve created the portraits to show how each one of us is involved in a deeper story than we usually believe about ourselves. This Vision of your Higher Self can help bridge the gap between your mortal life and your infinite imagination. This is in part why we go to the movies, in order to experience a more fantastic reality. We identify with the characters that battle Dragons or soar through the air.

So together we can create a more fantastic you. It's a kind of celestial make-over J.

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